1. What is Obyto.com?

Obyto is the leading virtual market place in Sri Lanka e-commerce site. It is an online retail that enables anyone from anywhere in Sri Lanka to purchase different items/products through online.

3. I need to sign up before buying any Offer/Product?

Yes you need to sign up and have an account before you buy a product.

5. What type of products do you sell online?

We sell sporting goods, Fashion items, gadgets, electronics, vehicle care etc. Visit our shop page for more categories.

7. Is my info safe?

Yes, we do have a privacy policy. You can read it before you make a checkout. All customer details are safe from our end.

2. How do I create an obyto.com account?

Go to login or my account page to create an account or you can create a new account after you add a product to the cart and clicking checkout page.

4. Am I billed as soon as I join obyto.com?

You are billed only when you purchase a product from obyto.com

6. Why should I subscribe newsletter?

Subscribing to our newsletter giving you many opportunities to earn discounts and get coupon codes.

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